I am truly surprised at how out of shape I am after having my baby. While it seems obvious that I would lose some fitness while being pregnant, I was not ready for just how much I would lose. Having your abdominals stretched out for nine months is clearly going to do a number on them but it was still a shock when it's hard to get up off the floor.

Immediately after giving birth I knew I couldn't do too much but I wanted to get out and start walking as much as possible. The first couple weeks I mostly just rested, tried to recover and took a few short walks. I will admit I started to feel a little bad that I wasn't up and about as much as I thought I should be or as much as other new moms I have seen on social media. I had to remind myself that I had a little more to recover from than some and thankfully less than it could have been! Comparison really is the thief of joy.

They may not be epic mountain trails but these little neighborhood walks with my family feel pretty great #momlife #cmcn
They may not be epic mountain trails but these little neighborhood walks with my family feel pretty great #momlife #cmcn

After about three weeks I felt up to doing a little more than walking. My doctor said before coming in for my 6 week appointment I could do exercise that I felt up to doing with the exception of swimming and anything too high impact. I didn't feel up to cycling (no thanks to sitting on a saddle) so I added in some short amounts of time on the elliptical and some jogging mixed in with my walking. I didn't have a plan at all and just did what felt good each day. Getting a little more active really helped work some of the soreness out of my body after delivery and SO MUCH SITTING while nursing my newborn.

Putting some time in on the elliptical before I am cleared for higher impact exercise and it feels great! Plus it gives me time to read Triathlete #5weekspostpartum #roadbacktofitness #fitmom #cantwaittorunagain
Putting some time in on the elliptical before I am cleared for higher impact exercise and it feels great! Plus it gives me time to read Triathlete #5weekspostpartum #roadbacktofitness #fitmom #cantwaittorunagain

As we approached six weeks postpartum I began to think about what I wanted to do to get back in shape. After having Cannon my main goal was to work on my strength. My body feels like a stretched out rubber band so it is really important to me to focus on building muscle and agility. Also I knew I wanted to return to running, I figured I didn't have time to get back to swim-bike-run and focus on strength while getting used to life as a mom (well I guess I could but I wasn’t going to prioritize it). So I decided to focus on running since it is my happy place and just fit swimming and biking in for fun/cross-training when I could.

Loving early morning miles #coloRADo #roadbacktofitness #7weekspostpartum
Loving early morning miles #coloRADo #roadbacktofitness #7weekspostpartum

Ideally I would have loved to work with an endurance coach, personal trainer and nutritionist to make a plan to get back in shape. Unfortunately babies and daycare are expensive so I decided to make my own plan. I felt capable of making my own plan as I have taken some time to educate myself.

While I was pregnant I decided to go through the Ironman Certified Coach program. I couldn't train for an Ironman and had a lot more time on my hands so I figured I could use the time to learn more about the sport I love. I also have been coaching a few athletes and that has been a great way to stay invested in sport while sidelined.

IRONMAN Certified Coach - Beth Curtis

After doing some research I found these resources helpful in building my plan:

Hab-it – I found this through reading Nicole’s blog where she talks about getting back into working out after having her ADORABLE daughter. Getting my pelvic floor strong again was really important to me after giving birth. This short program was developed to help strengthen the pelvic floor by a physical therapist.

Blue-Wave Fitness  via Witsup.com - For stability and and mobility training

Jamie Eason's Post Pregnancy Fitness Trainer - For all over strength training. This is also just good resource all around.

Physical Therapy - I saw a physical therapist about 5 weeks after giving birth. I thought this was really important so I could be evaluated on where my imbalances and weakness are. I left with specific exercises to work on my core and hip strength that I am to do twice a day.

I used the resources to come up with my own plan for strength training that I plan to complete three times a week. The PT exercises I do twice a day as directed.


For running I plan to run 3-4 times a week with easy runs, hill training and progressively longer distance runs. I will incorporate speed work when I feel stronger, right now running still feels a bit like a baby giraffe trying to stand up.

And for now swimming, biking and yoga will be included as time allows (meaning usually not). And lots of walking with my family.

So that is that the basics of my "plan" to get back to endurance training. I will check back to report on how it is going. Long term I am not sure yet what races I will be looking at for 2017, I want to take my time and see what I am feeling up to. I am hoping for a 50k sometime in late winter or spring depending on what I can get into.

Anyone else come back from an extended time off? Any tips?

Our little man turned two months old this week!

Cannon really "woke up" this month and is not that sleepy newborn anymore. He loves to smile, babble and kick all the time.

Cannon loves hanging with his brothers ❤️❤️ #pug #frenchie #cmcn
Cannon loves hanging with his brothers ❤️❤️ #pug #frenchie #cmcn

This past month Cannon has become very expressive and makes all kinds of faces. I love them all even the exaggerated, angry, chin quiver, it gets me every time.


One of Cannon's favorite things to do is take baths. He will kick and splash forever and dosen't seem like he ever wants to come out. He also loves to go for walks and snuggle in his Beco baby carrier.

Cannon is still eating like a champ and is gaining weight and growing right around the 50th percentile. The only issue we have is that he doesn't love eating from a bottle. That will have to change when he goes to daycare at 12 weeks  old. I am pumping so that I can leave him with family members for short amounts of time and I can build a freezer stash so he is strictly on breast milk for now.

Sleep has gone great this month, Cannon usually sleeps between 6 and 8 hours straight. I don't get all the benefits of his great sleep as I wake up once to pump overnight but still it is nice. Given that he is sleeping so much at night he tends to not be a great napper during the day. We aren't yet on any kind of schedule so somedays he sleeps long stretches in the morning and others he just wants to play and move around all day.

Best friends ❤️ #8weeksold #frenchbulldogsofinstagram #frenchie #cmcn #puppiesandbabies #humphrythefrenchie
Best friends ❤️ #8weeksold #frenchbulldogsofinstagram #frenchie #cmcn #puppiesandbabies #humphrythefrenchie

This month was much easier than the first month since I am feeling better. We are getting more confident taking Cannon out with us and he even went to his first restaurant after cheering Cory on at the Beaver Creek Trail Race.


Cannon also got to spectate his Gramdma and Gradpa's triathlon at Boulder Reservior. He has done pretty well on our outings and we are learning what is needed for successful trips.

Cannon's first chance to cheer on Grandma and Grandpa at TriBoulder this morning. They did great, so much fun! #fitfam #cmcn
Cannon's first chance to cheer on Grandma and Grandpa at TriBoulder this morning. They did great, so much fun! #fitfam #cmcn

We have been practicing taking Cannon on longer car trips to help prepare him for our big road trip. In a couple weeks we will be packing up and heading out to Oregon to visit family. The shorter trips have really helped us learn some lessons on what to do and more importantly what not to do.

We are so enjoying watching Cannon learn and grow, he really lights up our lives.

When I first imagined my pregnancy I thought things would go very differently than they did. I assumed that after years of Ironman training that I would enjoy lots of running and strength training especially during the first trimester. I even told Cory that I wanted to run a couple half marathons while pregnant. That is not how things went for me.

I don't want this to sound like a list of excuses on why it's ok to sit around and be lazy for nine months. It's not excuses, just my story. The biggest thing I learned is that everyone has a different experience with pregnancy so you shouldn't judge, compare or assume that you are in control.

As someone who lives on routine giving up control and loaning my body to someone else's well being was difficult. And while it was overwhelmingly worth it, that doesn't mean it was easy.

Enjoying some early fall scenery in the high country #Leadville #TrailRun
Missing fall trails
The story of my not so fit pregnancy started just coming off Ironman training. When I first found out I was pregnant I was happy to take a break from training, I needed it mentally and physically. I was 35 and pregnant for the first time so I was very nervous about miscarriage. I took it easy in the early weeks and just wished for this little life to stick.

I assumed that after a little break that I would get back into running. Unfortunately I had some scary symptoms early on and was diagnosed with placenta previa and put on modified rest. This was not bed rest (thank goodness) but my doctor wanted me to rest and do as little as possible physically. I could go to work but I was to be "chained to my desk". So no running, biking, swimming, fall hikes, etc. for me. Going from so much training to none was really hard mentally but I was glad that for the most part placenta previa does not harm the baby and in most cases clears up before delivery. My only option to keep my baby safe was to listen to my doctor, slow down and wait to see if things improved at my 20 week ultrasounds.

Saturday snuggles #Frenchie #pug #besties
Less running more snuggles
Lucky for me the placenta had moved by my 20 week appointment and I was cleared to resume light activity. I blissfully went back out roads for a few runs.

The pug took the me and the bump for a run this morning #winstonthepug #happyplace #29weekspregnant #run #runish
The pug took the me and the bump for a run
Fairly quickly I developed a bad case of plantar fasciitis. I couldn't walk without limping and running was off the table again. It's not too surprising that I ended up with PF. I gained a total of 36 pounds while pregnant, just above the 25-35 pound recommendation. Honestly I am a little surprised it wasn't more. Six of this pounds were gained in the last couple weeks and were mostly water, I was so swollen. 

I saw my physical therapist and left with exercises and instructions not to run (and wear more supportive shoes, boo).
After all the setbacks I got a bit discouraged. I did a bit of strength training, elliptical and walking. 

So after recovery this leaves me really starting completely over. There were a few more things I wish I had done, like swimming and more strength training. But in the end I gave birth to a healthy baby boy so I wouldn't change anything. 

Now the fun part begins while trying to get back in shape now that Cannon is here!

Cannon's birth was nothing what I expected the birth of my child to be. I want to record all the details here to help myself remember. But first here is the the short version for those who don't want all the details.

Happy first Fathers Day Cory. This will be the first of many celebrated but you are already such an amazing Dad. I couldn't do this without you. #happyfathersday #love

On June 16th I went in for my 39 week appointment and my midwife was concerned about how high my blood pressure was. I was instructed to go to Labor and Delivery that afternoon. I started the process of being induced that evening. The next day I had progressed enough to start pitocin then had my water broken to move things along. After 7 hours of labor and about an hour of pushing we met our little man at 8:54pm. It was amazing to meet and snuggle our little boy. Unfortunately I struggled with a severe hemorrhage for four and a half hours after giving birth. Those hours were the scariest, most painful in my life but I am thankful that all turned out ok and I was able to go home with a health baby boy.

Here is the long version:

On June 16th I thought it would be fun to go to Boulder Reservoir with my Mom and Cory it was their first open water swim of the season and it sounded nice to be outside before it got too hot. Being a million weeks pregnant I did not tolerate heat well.IMG_4355

After watching Cory and Mom have great swims, I headed to my 39 week appointment. My blood pressure was very high and there was concern about preeclampsia which can be dangerous and even fatal for mom and baby. Given the risk and the fact that I was full term we decided it was time to meet our baby. Our midwife agreed to let us go home to get our hospital bags, take the dogs to my parents house and be back to the hospital around 1pm. I was in shock that I would have to be induced but also excited that I would meet my baby soon. After getting as ready as we could we headed back to the hospital.

I was pretty nervous, Cory was super excited about having our boy soon. IMG_4359

Normally the start of the process of being induced would be an outpatient procedure to help my cervix be prepared for birth since I was only 1cm dilated. We stayed in the hospital overnight so they could monitor my blood pressure and Cannon. I had no idea what to expect that night but settled in to see what would happen. We were in the process of that is called "ripening the cervix" which can sometimes throw you into labor but not always. We moved around, watched The League on Cory's tablet and just tried to pass the time.

We did get some sleep that night I had some very painful contractions that had me hopeful that we would get the show on the road more quickly but they only lasted a couple hours and went away without really progressing. In the morning we were still just a couple cm dilated but things were moving along.

Around mid day on Friday the 17th I had progressed enough to start Pitocin. Pitocin is a drug that mimics the hormones that would naturally start labor. It was now time to wait and see how my body reacted and start to manage the contractions. I was doing well and dealing with the contractions well enough. Even though I had to be hooked up to the IV I could walk the halls and move all around my room.

IMG_4362A few hours into labor I had dilated to 5cm my midwife checked on me and was unhappy with how high my blood pressure was. She told me that I could take a medicine that could help control my blood pressure but what she really wanted me to do was to get an epidural. According to my midwife, epidurals often lower peoples blood pressure and she thought this would be the best choice for me. I didn't want to get an epidural at least not that early into labor but it seemed like the best option and it would lower the risks for Cannon and me. I talked it over with Cory and agreed to the epidural. Getting the epidural was not very painful, it was just uncomfortable to sit still for so long while having contractions. The worst part for me was that I was stuck in bed and could no longer walk or move around the room. At first the epidural was really nice I could still feel and move my legs but the contractions in my belly were dulled. My midwife also decided to break my water to help move labor along.


As the epidural progressed I could move and use my legs much less and I really didn't like this feeling. I also developed what my nurse called a "hot spot" this was a spot in my belly where I could feel everything. The nurses helped me move back and forth in the bed as much as possible to help relieve the hotspot and endure the contractions that felt like they were coming strong and fast. This time seemed to go by very quickly and soon my midwife checked me again and told me that we had made it to 10cm dilated. It was time to start pushing and doing the real work to get Cannon out into the world. My midwife was also working with another woman who was giving birth so I worked with a nurse to start the process and do some practice pushes, this lasted longer than I would have liked and it seemed like we were stalling a bit so my midwife could make it back. After about 45 minutes she was back and it was my turn to really get to work. I can't recall exactly but I think I really pushed for 40 minutes. I was glad that my epidural was light and that I could still feel the contractions and knew when to push and when to stop and work with my body.


With each push I really believed that it could be the final one and each time it wasn't I was shocked. Finally Cannon came into the world, he did have the umbilical cord wrapped around him twice and needed to be unwound. He was grayish blue but started crying immediately. The nurses assured us the Cannon was just fine and only needed some skin to skin cuddles and breastfeeding.

Welcome to the world Cannon Michael Curtis-Nardin. Born 6/17 weighing 7lbs 13oz and 20.5 in long. We are sooooo in love with you!!!! ❤️

We got our magic hour of cuddling and just staring at our little boy. We were both in shock and I was exhausted. It was such a weird feeling of disbelief that he was finally here and he was OURS. After our cuddle time the nurse came in to take his vitals, he was healthy, 7lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches long (88% for length, tall boy).

Unfortunately I had a severe hemorrhage after Cannon was born and lost a lot of blood. It took over four hours to get the blood loss to stop. The procedures they had to take to get the bleeding to stop were the most traumatic and painful that I have ever experienced. Even though this was a very scary experience for both Cory and me, we are very grateful that more extreme measures were not needed including emergency surgery and/or transfusion.

In the end we had to spend four nights in the hospital instead of the typical one or two nights so that I could be monitored. It was so nice when we finally were cleared to go home on Monday afternoon with a healthy baby in tow.

Cannon has now been in our lives for over a month and I love him more than I could imagine. I look forward to sharing so many things with him but also try to hold these quiet moments while he is so small in new close to my heart .

cannon final 1355 copy

I can't believe it, Cannon turns 1 month old today. It's super cliche as every parent says it but the time really does fly, I feel like I just had him last week, but on the other hand I can't imagine life without him! e52feda4-d2ff-4cf0-8b18-4de92e991eac

Cannon has been a fairly easy baby so far, when he gets fussy he usually just needs to eat, this boy loves food. He is up almost 2 pounds since his birth and is working on fattening up his skinny legs. He still has blond hair and blue eyes, I am convinced that these will darken to brown as Cory has such dark features.

They may not be epic mountain trails but these little neighborhood walks with my family feel pretty great #momlife #cmcn
They may not be epic mountain trails but these little neighborhood walks with my family feel pretty great #momlife #cmcn

We have been getting out to the grocery store, family gatherings and on walks as often as possible. We have avoided enclosed areas with lots of people until after his two month appointment where he will start his immunizations to avoid catching anything. We did have one big outing into the mountains today in celebration of his 1 month "birthday". Cannon did great and Cory and I were very happy to get up into the mountains and enjoyed a picnic and walk.

Cannon turned 1 month old today so we celebrated by taking him on his first mountain adventure. He was an angle and we are excited to plan more family trips #Cannon #cmcn ❤️
Cannon turned 1 month old today so we celebrated by taking him on his first mountain adventure. He was an angle and we are excited to plan more family trips #Cannon #cmcn ❤️

Developmentally there aren't huge jumps yet as Cannon is just getting used to being out in the world but he is getting stronger and stays awake much longer than when we first brought him home. He loves to be held while he sleeps and hates being too hot or hungry.

Right now we have lucked out with sleep, Cannon tends to only get us up once overnight to nurse. It really has been a magical month being home with my little boy and bonding with Cory about how much we love him. I know I will miss this time with a sleepy tiny baby so I am just trying to soak it in and commit it all to memory.


I finally made it to 9 months pregnant. If you are like me and don't know much about pregnancy weeks/months etc. This chart has helped me a lot:


I didn't know before I got pregnant that you spend the entire 9th month pregnant as well, I guess this is balanced by the fact that most people don't even know they are pregnant until they are already 1 month in.

I figured now that we are closing in I should give an update on how the third trimester is going.

Baby is now the size of: 36 weeks, baby is the size of a papaya. Baby's still in the 17.2- to 18.7-inch and 4.2- to 5.8-pound range. To me he feels like a pokey watermelon that can jab my ribs and bladder at the same time. It is fun to notice how much stronger he has gotten in the last couple of weeks.


Sleep: Sleep is definitely getting more and more difficult. It's hard to get comfortable and turning over in bed is a real effort. I don't sleep well or for long periods of time. I guess they say this is preparing you for baby....

Maternity clothes / preferred attire: Almost everything I wear at this is maternity clothing. Mostly I prefer easy dresses and PJs. But really it's anything that still fits and is comfortable. My feet are also very swollen so shoe choices are limited.

Symptoms: My main complaints are acid reflux, achy back and swelling (face, feet, hands, etc). But these are common pregnancy complaints and I haven't had anything too bad. I know that these last weeks will be uncomfortable, I am just waiting them out until I can meet my little guy!

I have also been suffering from plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I am really hoping I can get this under control so I can get back to running after the baby is here.

Cravings and favorite foods: Fruity things! I am loving smoothies, watermelon and fruity ice cream....mmmm. Also craving wine but that one will have to wait.

Food aversions: Nothing really, I am happy to be back to eating spinach and kale without wanting to throw up.

Exercise: Heh! I wish there was more happening here but with the reflux, plantar and swelling things are limited. There has been some strength training and walking. Our neighborhood pool open this week so I plan to jump in there too.

Mood: My mood has been all over the place. I am excited to meet our little boy but also nervous. It is a lot of responsibility to take care of an infant. I just can't wait until he's here and we can experience the world as a little family.

Missing: The use of my body, energy, running, biking, adventures, breathing normal (baby hasn't dropped yet), most of my clothing. The list could go on.

Best moments: Getting the glider set up in the nursery. The space is getting close and I love it. We are not completely done yet but when we are I will post a tour.


Worst moments: worrying that having itchy feet might mean that I have a more serious medical condition. Luckily blood tests came back all clear.

Buying: Lots of last minute things to be ready for baby. He really could come any day, although everything in me says he will be late.

Working on: Getting the house and yard ready for baby. Also hanging out with these two handsome devils. I can't believe how big Humphry is getting!2016-05-22


There are certain places that speak to my soul, places that give me peace and feel special. For many this may be exotic places but for me it's places that I return to often and feel a deep connection to. For me these places include:

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Both Cory have been visiting Cannon Beach since we were kids. It's a stunning beach with a great mix of rocks and silky sand. When Cory and I were dating and still living in Oregon we would try to get to the coast once a month. I love the ocean and being at most beaches but there is something really special about Cannon Beach.


Not only is the beach stunning but the town is quaint with no big box stores or restaurants.

MOAB, Utah

Cory and I drove through Moab many times when we lived in Albuquerque and would drive to Oregon a couple of times a year. We were intrigued by the cool little desert town. We never had a chance to stop but when we had the opportunity to go to a training camp in Moab we jumped at the chance. Moab was even more spectacular in person. Words and pictures really don't do it justice.


Bend, Oregon

Bend is an amazing place for anyone who likes the outdoors. I love Bend and specifically love Sun River, a small resort community just outside of Bend. I grew up going to Sun River with my family a couple of times a year. In recent years we have raced as a family at the Pacific Crest Endurance Weekend. Pac Crest is still my favorite triathlon.


Leadville, Colorado

Leadville is the most recent addition to my list. Ever since the first time we visited Leadville stole a piece of my heart. I loved the rugged, authentic nature of this mountain town. The trails around Leadville are some of the best I have gotten to run on. If you want to experience pure Colorado mountain spirit, be sure to visit Leadville. IMG_2175-960x720

Are there places that speak to your soul?


Fair warning that this post will not be about swim/bike/running but about some real things that are happening in my life. If you are interested in hearing the nitty-gritty of pregnancy (I don’t blame you) then feel free to skip this one we will be back to endurance sports soon!

I am going to share what has really gone on with my pregnancy, I want to keep it real for how this experience has gone for me. Overall my pregnancy has been harder than I thought it would be but in the end not that bad.

I am going to take this moment to document how the first half of my pregnancy has gone now that I am squarely in my 21st week.

Baby is now the size of: We went from a poppy seed to now a 10.5 in carrot, a lot of growth in the last 20 weeks! Now the baby is growing very quickly and I fear so will I!

Sleep: While there has been a lot more sleep than usual it isn’t be best sleep. I toss and turn a lot trying to get comfortable and making runs to the bathroom. My first trimester I slept a ton and I was still always tired. I came very close to napping under my desk at work many times.

Maternity clothes / preferred attire: I have definitely graduated to maternity clothing in most things. I have a few lose tops, baggy pants or generous dresses that I can still wear but each week my available wardrobe is shrinking. Most of my athletic clothing still works but I am stretching their limit so I am not sure how much longer that will last. The thing about ladies clothing is that it is cut to go in at the waist and I currently go out!

A little Sunday night strength training #IMLakeTahoe #IMLT #triathlon #teamsoas

Symptoms: The first trimester was hard, I started out ok but a little tired. By week 6 I was exhausted ALL THE TIME and then the morning sickness started. I also had strong food aversions, all the “healthy” food I was used to eating was not going to get anywhere near me for a time. I think there was about 5 days that I lived on plain bagels and swiss cheese. I cringe at what that must have done to me nutrition wise but anything more flavorful had me running away. Luckily that passed and by my second trimester I am back to being able to eat most foods and feel ok. I do still suffer from a lot of acid reflux and basically need to have tums with me 24/7 but I feel much better and can eat vegetables without wanting to cringe.

Cravings and favorite foods: I haven’t had too many crazy pregnant lady cravings. I have to be careful to not wait too long between meals/snacks or I will get nauseas but I also have to watch eating too much at one time.

I'm not usually a Jamba Juice person but the baby made me do it! #20weekspregnant #ithasbeetsI'm not usually a Jamba Juice person but the baby made me do it! #20weekspregnant #ithasbeets

Food aversions: Nothing much right now but from weeks 6-12 I hated almost everything. My husband was a real champ trying to figure out what I could eat every evening.

Exercise: This is where things got difficult for me. At first my pregnancy was moving along and I was enjoying the break from high pressure training. Then I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa. Placenta Previa is a condition where the placenta attached very low in the uterus and covers the cervix. This can cause some complications but it is very common and in most cases the placenta moves up as the uterus and baby grow and there are no long term issues. Many women have this condition and don’t even realize it as it corrects itself before there are any symptoms.

For me I found out that I had it because I was attempting to continue to be active and that could have been an issue. Once my doctor diagnosed my condition I was put on modified rest. This is nothing as bad as bed rest but I wasn’t allowed to exercise above a casual walk and was even restricted to how much normal activity I was supposed to do in a day. This was mentally very hard for me. Being an endurance athlete is part of my personal identity, so losing all of that even for a short time was really hard. Even though my doctor told me it was the best thing to do, I felt like a slug and I worried about how healthy it was for me and my baby.  Also I worried about the placenta not moving up. In some cases it doesn’t and women have to stay on modified rest, go on bed rest and sometimes have to have C-sections.

Luckily at my 20 week appointment the ultrasound showed that the placenta had moved up just as it should and I was taken off all restrictions (well all but the general preggo lady ones). It was an awesome moment knowing that I could go back to running and we wouldn’t have to have a C-section for this issue at least.

Dr finally cleared me to run after 14 weeks of not being able to do anything active above casual walks ( more details to come on the blog soon). It was a little hard on the ego but so good to back out there #20weekspregnant #run #happyplaceDr finally cleared me to run after 14 weeks of not being able to do anything active above casual walks ( more details to come on the blog soon). It was a little hard on the ego but so good to back out there #20weekspregnant #run #happyplace

Mood: All over the place! At first we were nothing but ecstatic, things were going well and getting pregnant was easier than we expected. Then I started feeling really sick and was put on rest, to be honest I was pretty down in the dumps. I was still really grateful to be having this baby but I had to let go of the plans I had to run a half marathon in the first trimester and share thoughts on a “fit pregnancy”. I feel much happier now that I am feeling better and able to move my body again.

The biggest thing that I learned is to not make plans on how your pregnancy is going to go. You are not in control, you have to do the best you can and accept what comes.

Missing: Training for events, this one is hard as I am wishing I could join in all the training and racing fun….next year!

My normal clothes, my favorite running jacket won’t zip and my go to running capris are getting tight.

Lastly alcohol….just a bit. I am normally not a drinker but there are times that a glass of wine, champagne or a cold beer sound mighty good.

Best moments: There have been a lot but seeing the faintest double line on the pregnancy test was pretty great. I didn’t really believe it until I took a few more test over the next couple of days. Telling my parents was pretty fun too. This will be their first grandchild and they are one of the last of their friends to become grandparents so they are THRILLED.

Finding out the baby is a BOY! Honestly we would have been thrilled with either sex but the longer that we know he’s a boy the longer that seems perfect =)

It's a boy!!!!! ❤️It's a boy!!!!! ❤️

And getting to see the baby during ultrasounds, he is constantly kicking and moving his legs, I am convinced he is going to be a runner.

Worst moments: This was easily the couple times I had bleeding before being diagnosed with placenta previa, it was very scary not knowing what was wrong and if the baby was ok. While I may complain about the modified rest I am so grateful it wasn’t something much worse.

Buying: A few things here and there as we find them, the most exciting purchase was a BOB jogging stroller! We do need to get serious about getting the essentials now that we are getting closer.

I am starting a #HappyStreak in honor of my intention to chase the light this year. Day 1 is finding a used B.O.B for a great deal. Winston and Humphry approve.I am starting a #HappyStreak in honor of my intention to chase the light this year. Day 1 is finding a used B.O.B for a great deal. Winston and Humphry approve.

Dreaming About: Meeting our little boy and getting to introduce him to the world…I really can’t wait!

This year thinking about goals or resolutions has been harder than past years. Normally I love this time of year with the fresh start and the feeling of all the possibilities that the new year could bring. I also would have my race schedule pretty well laid out with excitement at getting after some juicy training.

Obviously this year will look a little different, with a baby due in June there will likely not be any big race adventures for me in 2016 and definitely none in the first half of the year. But it is very important to us to continue to have an active lifestyle after our baby is born. I am certain it will look different and be much more complicated but we are committed to continuing in endurance sports.

In my wildest hopeful dreams there could be a marathon for me at the end of 2016, but I have never given birth or recovered from something so big physically so I will be patient and kind to myself and see how things progress. If that means the big race for 2016 is a half marathon or even a 5K that is fine too as long as I am back out on the trails.

Working on goals for August ....never stop dreaming #goals #dreams #thisgirlcan #IMLakeTahoe

So instead of setting data based goals and locking in training cycles I will keep my eye on the big picture and try to keep the following intentions in mind for 2016:

Chase the light

Take risks

Find Patience

Practice Kindness